Zoë Salnave


Zoë Salnave    |  Come to the Table   |  Director, Editor, Writer   |

Zoë Salnave is a filmmaker born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Honors and Awards for her work as of 2013 include a private screening at the White House for the Obama family, winner of Best Documentary and Best in Show from the Albany Film Festival, awarded by the California Senator Loni Hancock, bestowed an Honorable Mention from the San Joaquin Film Festival, and 2nd runner up in the Josiah 15 San Antonio Film Festival, and screened at the New York Food Film Festival.

Zoe fell in love with filmmaking and photography, as a student at Berkeley High School and has been perfecting her craft ever since.  She is currently a full time student at Mills College and working at Youth Radio in Downtown Oakland.  Salnave finds creative writing and filmmaking to be her true passions in personal expression and storytelling.  A few of her interests include identity, urban culture, ethnicity and race, women’s rights, sustainability, and transformation.  You can find more of Zoe’s work  at Zas Productions.