Luis Montaya

Luis Montoya

Luis Montoya   |   Filmmaker & Composer   |  

Luis’ skills vary from: music videos, video journalism, motion graphics, filmmaking, editing, and music production. He has been creating videos since 2011 and composing music since 2008. Luis has recorded music for: Big Rich, Liz Stefano, San Quinn, and created music videos for: Stevie Joe, Milli­ Ali, O­Zone, One Be Lo, Zumbi from Zion­I, and Tableek. Major influences for Luis has been Hans Zimmer, Freddie Wong, Jessie Terrero and Christopher Nolan. Luis Montoya is also the Co-Founder of Simphony Productions, a production company based out of Oakland. Luis is currently working as an independent contractor for Simphony Productions as a cinematographer.  Luis  is a first­ generation American citizen, born and raised by immigrant parents in Oakland, CA.  Recent projects include:  Under the Gun Director of Photography, Trees 4 Life Editor, The Voyage Director of Photography & Editor, and more.