FuGen – Youth Media & Social Innovator Showcase (3-4 Shorts & Director Panel)

“fugen” – a series of local youth produced short documentaries: 

Come to the Table  | Under the Gun  |  The Voyage

“fugen” hosted by United Roots of Oakland, showcases the work of passionate, socially minded young entrepreneurs who understand the importance of media literacy in engaging their communities and their world. Creative communication is essential to foster cohesive community and globally connected social movements.  #wearethefuture


Come to the Table | Filmmaker – Zoe Salnave  |

A portrait of The Edible Schoolyard cooking and gardening program and its emphasis on the “Slow Food Movement,” as told by a former participant.

This award winning portrayal of The Edible Schoolyard cooking and gardening program was Zoë Salnave’s first film. She serves as the director, editor, writer and narrator of this short documentary. The film tells of the Alice Water’s founded program in Berkeley focused on bringing the concepts of Slow Food and sustainability to middle school children and is told by a former participant. Honors and Awards for this film as of 2013 include a private screening at the White House for the Obama family, winner of Best Documentary and Best in Show from the Albany Film Festival, awarded by the California Senator Loni Hancock, bestowed an Honorable Mention from the San Joaquin Film Festival, and 2nd runner up in the Josiah 15 San Antonio Film Festival, and screened at the New York Food Film Festival.



Under the Gun Image          Under the Gun Crew

Under the Gun  |   Demario Williams 

Demario Williams is an aspiring filmmaker who embarked on the process of creating his first documentary film aimed at investigating infant murder and community violence in Oakland. Under the Gun chronicles by re enactment Demario’s courageous journey to bring change to his community in the face of unexpected life threatening challenges.  Determined to complete his film, Demario joined forces with his local community center in East Oakland and a group of filmmakers in West Oakland, to tell his story and unite with like-minded youth who want to put an end to violence in their communities.



The Voyage Image


The Voyage     Gabriela Huerta  |

The Voyage reenacts the immigration of a girl named Angelica, who has been informed by her parents that their voyage to the U.S. has been decided.  Angelica leaves her childhood behind and hopes for a brighter future with her parents in the “free world”.  She and her family become separated and encounter obstacles at the border.  Will their hopes and dreams for a better life be dashed?

United Roots Oakland works in partnership with various organizations to produce relevant youth media.  Youth Seed works with youth from United Roots to create their own media production company, Simphony Productions, while supporting the development of community led social enterprises by providing training, resources and investment to young innovators who traditionally face barriers to economic opportunities.