Youth Media & Social Innovator Panel

Galen Peterson

Galen Peterson   |  Moderator – Youth Media & Social Innovator Panel  |  Galen Peterson is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of United Roots: Oakland’s Green Youth Arts & Media Center. Galen has over 10 years experience with media production, producing projects such as the Turf Unity music compilations and Cov Records music videos and short

aManda Greene

aManda Greene  |   Youth SEED Co-Director  |   aManda is a Brazilian/American Bay Area Native. Since 2003 she has been involved in various arts and environmental educational programs in Santa Fé NM, Oakland, Bahia Brazil and Southern India. She holds a B.A. in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities and recently completed a MBA in Sustainable Enterprise driven

Zoë Salnave

Zoë Salnave    |  Come to the Table   |  Director, Editor, Writer   | Zoë Salnave is a filmmaker born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Honors and Awards for her work as of 2013 include a private screening at the White House for the Obama family, winner of Best Documentary and Best in

Rafael Flores

Rafael Flores  |  Under the Gun Co-Producer   |  Rafael is an award-winning activist, educator and filmmaker of Mexican-Lithuanian decent. He is a Phi Beta Kappa Scholar who holds a Masters of Fine Arts from San Francisco State University specializing in third world cinema, directing, screenwriting, and post-production. He is the Director of Arts & Expression

Gabriela Huerta

  Gabriela Huerta  |  Under the Gun Art Director, The Voyage Director  |   Born and raised in Oakland, California, Gabriela Huerta is a first generation citizen from Mexico, and an aspiring filmmaker and photographer. Gabriela started assisting in the production of music videos for local artists in 2012, and most recently Directed the short film The Voyage, in partnership with Simphony Productions.

Demario Williams

Demario Williams   |  Filmmaker& Actor   |  Demario’s recent work has been critically acclaimed and become the subject of discussion by several institutions that include: the Springer Publishing Group, Expression’s College, the TED TALK lecture series, the Boys & Men of Color Initiative, and Youth UpRising. Demario first began making films with In Yo Face Filmworks in the streets

Luis Montaya

Luis Montoya   |   Filmmaker & Composer   |   Luis’ skills vary from: music videos, video journalism, motion graphics, filmmaking, editing, and music production. He has been creating videos since 2011 and composing music since 2008. Luis has recorded music for: Big Rich, Liz Stefano, San Quinn, and created music videos for: Stevie Joe, Milli­ Ali, O­Zone,